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Initiate with Sente - Ivory Shorts

Initiate with Sente - Ivory Shorts

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"Initiate with Sente" Ivory Shorts: Complement your ivory rashguard perfectly. Adorned with iconic snake motifs and Sente characters, these shorts exude sophistication and power. Designed for optimal performance and style, they complete your ensemble with finesse, ensuring you command attention with every move.


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Customer Reviews

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Rabi U

I got the Obsidian and Ivory coloured shorts and i love them.
Ive been using them for the past 2 weeks primarily for striking and they're amazing!

They fit great, I can actually stretch properly with them on and they're comfortable to move around in too.
Ive got no complaints and have absolutely no regrets with my purchase.

Definitely recommend for anyone who wants quality and reliable gear for BJJ or striking!
Will 100% get more Sente products in future.

Amazing shorts for MMA

Hard to find shorts without pockets and within a reasonable price. The shorts above were a good balance of what I required for training and competition

Comfortable Shorts at an affordable price

I recently got an XL size and the fabric is great quality. I have bigger legs so I was initially worried that I'd struggle with them being too tight but they've been a great addition to my training gear wardrobe. The elastic on them is good as well so they don't shrug down your hips as you train.